Psychiatrist Dr. Deepak Raheja describes tips for women welfare and safety

Since time immemorial, we have witnessed that women lead very different lives as compared to men. Though the age that we live in is unsafe for both the genders, yet we see that women have majorly been the victims of ruthless predators. In spite of women reaching to different heights of professionalism and making an impact on the society, they are still depicted as weak and unable to defend themselves.

With the recent case in BHU, we are still in the same podium were women students are not safe even within the campus premises. In this incident, we realized that some men have the audacity to defy law and order and would dive into the deepest pits for sadistic pleasures like molesting someone. Moreover, the authority too seemed to have been indifferent to the horrendous episode and instead of taking strict actions, the student was questioned and at certain point blamed for the mishap that she herself had faced. When students of the university protested against this, the police released laathi charge. There was a lot of agitation and stress all for the act of few.

Being a woman can be difficult in this patriarchal society. But, every woman must realise that instead of accepting to become a victim, they must stand up and fight for themselves. I, being a psychiatrist at Hope Care India, know that there are women who are mentally traumatised after being victimized, and sometimes they even end up giving up their lives. There are many women patients with mental issues who visit our clinic. In most of the cases they are the victims of sexual harassment, mental abuse and even domestic violence. Our clinic offers stress management workshop and anger management workshop to many victims in order to help them cope with the regular life.

According to me, every woman must be aware of the present times and become strong enough to face any kind of situation. Below mentioned are few ways, which I believe every woman should practice in order to build their self-confidence and be ready to stand strong against the cruelties of the society.

  • Women should not be too dependent on men

There are many women who underestimate their strength. They believe that they need a man to protect them. This mind-set needs to change. Women can train themselves to become physically strong and this in time would make the women mental strong as well.

  • Always carry a strong and assertive body language

Though this might not always come in handy, yet women must remember to stand strong whenever they are out of their homes. Most of the attackers prey upon victims, who they feel are meek and insecure.

  • Be aware of where you are and what you’re doing

A woman has the freedom to go anywhere she pleases, just like her male counterpart. But she should be wise enough to avoid certain places and certain situations. One example that I would like to state here is, she should take a ride with a friend instead of walking back home in the night. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Thus, following these tips one can stay out of danger. After all, your safety lies in your hands.

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