Dr. Deepak Raheja Explains How To Prevent Your Child From Internet Addiction

We live in a digital world where everything happens online. From interacting with someone to purchasing something, from getting to know about the entire world to sending a personal message to somebody, the internet has made everything fast and smooth.

However, with all its beauties there are some vices attached to the digital world. We witness that today; a lot of people are addicted to the internet, especially the younger generation. We have come across situations and cases where children become victims of such addiction. Some of such debacles are as follows:

The Pass-out Challenge: Here young adults were seen choking themselves till they passed out in order to get a euphoric high.

The Fire Challenge: In this the teenage kids sprayed themselves with flammable liquid and then set themselves on fire.

The Blue Whale Challenge: This is one of the latest online games where the player is asked to complete tasks in a 50-day period, the last of which is to jump from a high-rise building. We saw that a lot of children jumped to their death only due to the addiction they had for the game.

Therefore, it is very important for parents to understand that though their children need internet to enhance their learning, yet they need provide them with certain rules. Below mentioned are ways how parents can prevent their child from becoming an internet addict.

Understand why they rely on internet

A child with access to internet needs parents with whom they can share their feelings on anything that they experiences in the web world. Let your child be more open to you and try discussing the problem instead of charging them question and blames.

You need to show that you care

Always let your child know that you care for them. Be it in words or by action, when they know that you care, they will definitely open up to you with all their troubles. Many a times, a child interprets that whenever they are questioned, they are being blamed for a certain action. This is when you need to assure your child that your queries are only related to their well-being. You too need to express your child about the changes in their behaviour like, lacking time, low energy, fatigue, declining academic grades, giving up on hobbies and becoming socially aloof.

Try to get into their shoes and become computer & internet savvy

Try to learn a little more about the computer and internet. This will help you in keeping a track of what sites your child is opening from the history and internet logs. Parents need to become comfortable with the computer.

Set reasonable guidelines for your child

Try avoiding anger, as many kids try rebelling against anger and do exactly the opposite of what they are being asked to do. Some become frightened and end up closing up to their parents with intend of not sharing anything with them. Work with your child and establish clear boundaries around using the internet. Also make them aware of the negative impacts of internet and how they should be strong enough to differentiate between the good and the bad part of the internet world.

However, if you are finding difficulty in helping your child with internet addiction, you need to consult a professional therapist. At Hope Care India, a well-recognised addiction treatment center in Delhi, you can avail customized treatment programs for all kinds of addiction, including internet addiction.

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